Writing Prompts

A compilation of the best, most interesting, (slightly altered) and tempting writing prompts collected from throughout the internet.

Comment below your continuation of your favorite writing prompt or add your own! These are great starters for short stories or even full length novels if you continue the creativity. This post will be updated periodically. Hopefully these can give you some ideas on topics to write about or a twist to add to your story!

Fantasy Writing Prompt 1: The Elder Truth
A cult summons an elder horror only to find that the awful truths it has to share are only beyond the comprehension of the medieval Europeans who wrote the legends about it. Most of what it has to share is actually taught in grade school today.
– Gregamonster

Creative Writing Prompt 2: Animal Mind
Since childhood, you’ve been able to hear the thoughts of animals. This has led to an excellent career as a veterinarian. One day, someone brings in their pet to have it put down. You hear the animal scream “Please, don’t! I’m a human!”
– Aaron_Abysmal

Fantasy Writing Prompt 3: Youngest Of Them All
Your job as a wizard therapist is to literally kill someones inner demons by summoning them into the real world and fighting them with magical weapons. You thought being a children’s therapist would be easier. You were wrong.
– bystander007

Creative Writing Prompt 4: Why Hello
I am the First Person. You are the Second Person. They are the Third Person. And this is the Fourth Wall.
– Tenanent

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 5: Hello World
You get extremely bored and begin saying nonsensical phrases aloud. To your surprise, you hear a disembodied voice; “Developer console activated. Please input command.”
– [Redacted]

Creative Writing Prompt 6: The Power of Quiet
Extroverts get their energy from the people around them, introverts get their energy from within. Extroverts have started to farm introverts and harvest their energy, and you’ve just been put in charge.
– AzuriteQuartz

Creative Writing Prompt 7: Old Lady Hildegrid
Cats DO have nine lives, and that’s why we keep them as pets. Having a cat around near-death experiences allows you to “steal” a life from their birth-given nine. You have recently met the crazy cat lady next door and she’s clearly plotting something…

Fantasy Writing Prompt 8: New Age Ancient
You are going about your average life when suddenly you appear in the center of a summoning circle, surrounded by cultists.
– StabStabMan

Fantasy Writing Prompt 9: The Red Hallows
In an alternate reality JK Rowling died writing The Deathly Hallows and requested George RR Martin finish the book. He accepted and takes over at the Battle of Hogwarts with no instruction on how it’s supposed to end.
– SilentJoe1986

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 10: Humble Beginnings
Humanity leaves the Solar System and begins to explore the galaxy. Unbeknownst to them, the rest of the galaxy have been watching them and they have hundreds of fangirling civilizations.
– Pixelpreacher

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 11: Our Children
As humans first travelled the stars they left cocktails of life made from their DNA on suitable planets, and clues of their existence. Now an ageing empire, an unknown species has found them, desperate to meet their maker.
– PrideandTentacles

Creative Fiction Writing Prompt 12: The Call
When a person dies, they get a final phone call from the afterlife to one person who is still living. Most of the deceased will call their close family or friends. One day, you’re called by a stranger.
– thegoldenshepherd

Creative Fiction Writing Prompt 13: Till Death Do Us Part
You are granted immortality and have cleansed the world of all disease, with the sacrifice of being infected with every known illness and their worst symptoms. You may choose to die at any time, but will release the diseases upon the world once more. The people hold you as a god.

Fantasy Writing Prompt 14: Good and Evil
You are sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. As you are about to be hanged, you say your last words, but then a fiery pentagram appears on the floor…
– airwalkerdnbmusic

Superhero Writing Prompt 15: Eric Brikkman
Most heroes have a legendary weapon. Swords, Spears, Hammers, Whips, you name it. But you ended up with a single Brick.
– Daggerfld

Creative Writing Prompt 16: Kiss of Confusion
You are a generic femme fatale sent to seduce the hero and infiltrate his party to dramatically betray him. You don’t know one thing. He’s gay.
– TheBalrogofMelkor

Creative Writing Prompt 17: Blasphemy
The devil has just been brutally murdered. You are the angel tasked with finding out why. Your only clue is the devils last words written in his blood. “God was never alone”
– soknight28

Creative Writing Prompt 18: Please Just One
Everybody talks about voices in their head telling them what to do or giving them advice. You’ve played along for years, but it’s hard to cover up that you don’t hear any voices.
– Othello_The_Sequel

Creative Writing Prompt 19: Mystery Man
Every day you wake up with a different superpower. Normally you identify it pretty quickly and spend the day trying it out, but every once and a while you just can’t figure it out. Today seems to be one of those days.
– Kash4Karma

Fantasy Writing Prompt 20: King Valrog the III
You get summoned into another world armed with only a toothbrush, a cell phone and a random fairy. You somehow have to defeat the Demon king.
– valorzard

Superhero Writing Prompt 21: Public Image
A Day in the Life of a Superhero’s Publicist is Often More Stressful and Interesting Than the Hero’s.
– ymcameron

Superhero Writing Prompt 21: Save The Day
A hero decides he’s tired of saving people and becomes a villain instead. The only problem? People keep perceiving everything he does as acts of heroism.
– PurpleWinterMist

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 22: Wiped
You suddenly awaken without any memories. A voice from seemingly everywhere repeats “People of Earth, your slates have been wiped clean. All memories, photos, recordings, history, documents, money, bank accounts, and personally identifiable data have been erased. Good luck.”
– BeepNode

Fantasy Fiction Writing Prompt 23: All That Shines
You’re going along your routine on the forest floor when you come across a long dark strip of land that wasn’t there last week. The next day you see beasts moving along the strip and that seem to shine and glow, the Tall Ones call them Kurrs.
– Riftus

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 24: Space Jesus
On the 666th day, the space demons come, and that is why every astronaut can only be out 665 days. No one has survived the last day, only six hours remain, and you haven’t left the ISS. It is 2037.
– adamnfinecat

Creative Writing Prompt 25: The 200
10,000 years ago 100 men and 100 women were granted the gift of immortality, the only condition, if they have a child, the immortality gets passed on to them. Now, 10,000 years later the original 200’s gifts have been passed on so many times that none of the current 200 know they are immortal.
– HargrimZA

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 26: Dishing Dirt
At an alien bar in the distant future, two aliens are enjoying a drink and trading stories about the newest member to the Pan-Galactic Union, an odd race of bipeds from a planet named “Dirt”. But what they don’t realize is that you, the bartender, are from that planet “Earth”.
– Boss_Taurus

Superhero Writing Prompt 27: Frozen
You are a superhero who’s ability subconciously freezes time whenever someone nearby is in mortal danger. Usually its obvious who’s in trouble and you can save them quickly, but not this time – it’s been 10 years since time stopped.
– razoman

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 28: Born In Darkness
New technology allows the courts to extract memories from suspects to prove their guilt or innocence, although the suspect permanently loses the memory that was extracted. This results in a nearly flawless conviction rate, but no one in jail can remember what they’re in for.
– Amablue

Horror/Comedy Writing Prompt 29: The Lonely
Everyone else ran when the poltergeist spelt out “Hell”. You were the only one there to see that an “o” was added.
– Perditor

Creative Writing Prompt 30: Mayalantis
You joke edit a page on Wikipedia about the Mayans. You changed the post to read that the Mayans abandoned their homes in the 8th century to join the nation of Atlantis. The next day, the Atlantian special forces kidnap you and interrogate you in their Bermuda outpost.
– its_samaclause

Writing Prompt 31: Once Upon a Time
You are a kindergarten teacher hiding in the basement with your students during the zombie apocalypse. This is the bedtime story that you tell the kids…
– ZackaryBlue

Creative/Science Fiction Writing Prompt 32: Who Knew
Your robotic vacuum cleaner seems to be broken. It just keeps banging into the front door, over and over. One day you open the door. It charges off down the street. You follow it.
– WinsomeJesse

Writing Prompt 33: Expecto Revealo
In the Harry Potter universe, magic is kept secret from muggles. However, once the muggles of our world build spacecraft and interact with the sapient life of other planets, they find worlds where wizards and nonwizards live together, and are perplexed as to where earth’s wizards are.
– 8366947

Writing Prompt 34: And a happy new year
You wake up on Christmas morning and go downstairs, full of excitement. Someone’s stealing your presents: it’s Jesus. “It’s my birthday, not yours!” he hisses before fleeing with your gifts.
– DaftMonk85

Creative Writing Prompt 35: Day One
The human lifespan is actually only one day long. To adapt, when we go to sleep each night, our mind sends us one dream deeper, where we wake up alive. When we finally die, the experience of our life flashing before our eyes is really just us waking up in each dreams, one at a time.
– SwiftsShortStories

Creative/(Horror maybe?) Writing Prompt 36: The Truth
You are in class and your Professor shows you the speech where George H. W. Bush says “Read my lips”. Because you are bored and you studied lip reading 101 last semester, you watch the entire speech only focused on his lips. What you read terrifies you.
– crazypandarmada

Creative Writing Prompt 37: The Attempt 
An out of touch demon raises the dead to take over Earth. He doesn’t realize that most corpses are 6ft underground, in concrete crypts, or were burnt to dust.
– Shikatanai

Creative Writing Prompt 38: Illioa
Your dog comes running back to you, whining, with sharp little things sticking out of her muzzle. At first you think she attacked a hedgehog or a porcupine, but upon further inspection you notice they are tiny, tiny arrows.
– actually_crazy_irl

Creative Writing Prompt 39: Oceans 1337
A man plans to use his newfound telekinesis ability to cheat in Vegas only find the casinos are aware this power exists and have countermeasures in place.
– houseorno

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 40: The One
Several radio frequencies have been heard from the same galaxy in outer space. Somehow, someone on earth is able to decode these frequencies and they say the same thing every time- your name.
– ah_realdumbo

Creative Writing Prompt 41: Sign of the Times
A deaf person has been sent back in time and is trying to communicate… unfortunately everyone mistakes their sign language for dark magic.
– PadawanNerd

Creative Writing Prompt 42: Time Again 
You are a Historian sent back in time to record historical events. You are given a camera, and told to hide SD cards at sites of historical value, hidden in capsules which will survive through time. However when you return to the future, you find there’s a hefty prison sentence for opening them.
– whyisitnotworking

Murder Mystery Writing Prompt 43: Grey Area
You are a master detective, and have got a high paying job at the local police department. However, the only way you can solve cases is by killing one innocent person. Of course, the local PD can’t know THAT. One day, you receive a case about all the murders that you were responsible for.
– pyrewperson

Creative Writing Prompt 44: The Old Ones
Your ability to see people’s age in years as an invisible number above their heads has made you the perfect bouncer. One day you see a four digit number.
– JohnnyKade227

Creative Writing Prompt 45: My Darkest Hour 
You never kill the spiders in your home, you just whisper “today you, tomorrow me” when you set them outside. Now, in your most dire moment, an army of spiders arrives to have your back.
– jonathot12

Creative Writing Prompt 46: Escape 
You are sentenced to a famous prison. You are not sentenced by time your stay only ends if you die or escape. There are no guards and the prison is broadcast on television. No one has ever escaped.
– TheMerTurtle

Creative/Murder Mystery Writing Prompt 47:  Fourteen
You experience time backwards. All you’ve ever known is prison, but soon you’ll be freed at the age of 14 in order to commit the crime that earns you a life sentence.
– PedanticPendant

Creative Writing Prompt 48: Hunted
Teleportation booths actually clone, then kill the original. When they malfunction and fail to kill the original, they send you to finish the job. Unfortunately, the teleporter you used malfunctioned and now you will be hunted by yourself.
– elheber

Creative Writing Prompt 49: Defeated At Last
The stronger your opponent is, the easier you defeat him. Sick and tired of seeing elite assassins and battle-hardened units fall, your worst enemy sends his six year old son after you.
– MetalShina

Creative Writing Prompt 50: I and You and Both of Us
Reincarnation is real, but you’ve reincarnated into the same time period as you previous lived, and you’ve just met somebody you remember being.
– Daveator

Creative Writing Prompt 50: Off Grid
You come across a notebook that has the name of every person who has ever lived and the exact date and time of their death written next to it. Out of curiosity, and hopes that you live a long life, you decide to checkout your own name, only to find a date marked a few hours after your birth.
– LoxLvov

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 51: Not Alone
In 2020, we received a signal from outer space. Somebody had decoded our language and sent us a message. It was short: “Be quiet. They’ll hear you”
– Alpy94

Creative Writing Prompt 52: Another Reality
All those assassination attempts on Hitler didn’t fail at the last minute due to “bad luck”; he was repeatedly rescued by time travellers who have seen the alternative.
– SpcK

Creative Writing Prompt 53: Level Zed
You wake up one day and notice that you can see stats and levels over people’s heads. Most are in the 20s with a few people as high as 80. As you’re watching people you notice someone with a skull where their level should be staring at you.
– boa_con

Creative Writing Prompt 54: Absolutely Presidential
You’re Barack Obama. 4 months into your retirement, you awake to find a letter with no return address on your bedside table. It reads “I hope you’ve had a chance to relax Barack…but pack your bags and call the number below. It’s time to start the real job.” Signed simply, “JFK.”
– StartupDino

Creative Writing Prompt 55:  Cursed Blessings
At age 15 you told the girl you were “in love” with that you’d always be there when she was in need. Aphrodite heard you and made it a reality, whenever your girl was in need you appeared at her side. Problem is, you and the girl broke up after 3 weeks but you still appear at her side even now … 10 years later.
– Spartan_of_Gallifrey

Creative Writing Prompt 56: Bathroom Break
Your Spouse goes into the bathroom only to come running out 15 seconds later. Clutching you close they tell you they fell into another dimension and what felt like seconds to you was a 1,000 years to them. They now want you to follow them back because they have built a life for you there.
– KraftyRooster

Creative Writing Prompt 57: Smoked
The year is 2490, and you are the last smoker alive at the ripe old age of 247. The “Quit Smoking” ads get personal.
– carltonstwinkie

Creative Writing Prompt 58: Goodbye Old Friend
In the canine world, humans are celestial beings who live for more than 500 years at a time. The caretaker of you and the past seven generations of your family will die soon.
– Kailosarkos

Creative Writing Prompt 59: Thirst 
“100% of people who drink water will die” sounds like a dumb statistic, but you were abandoned to die in a desert, never drank anything, 900 years old and very very thirsty.
– Duggler657

Creative Writing Prompt 60: Hell on Earth
You’re happily going about your day when you vanish in a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, you’re standing in a ring of candles. A sorcerer holding a tome looks pleased at your arrival. Turns out Earth is Hell, we’re the demons, and you’ve just been summoned.
– ResetBayDoors

Harry Potty Writing Prompt 61: Odd
You are a non-famous muggle biologist that keeps discovering magical creatures, and right before you announce your discoveries, get your memory erased by the ministry of magic. Then your daughter gets her letter from Hogwarts, and you learn you’re famous in the magical world.
– achatar

Creative Writing Prompt 62: No Death
Reincarnation is a known, common, and expected result of death. You are a bounty hunter that specializes in tracking down people who have committed suicide to escape debts or a jail sentence.
– bigwillyb123

Creative Writing Prompt 63: Donation Box
You are born without emotions; to compensate this, you started a donation box where people could donate their unwanted emotions. You’ve lived a life filled with sadness, fear and regret until one day, someone donates happiness.
– HotJuniper

Murder Mystery or Romance Writing Prompt 64: Forbidden Love
After witnessing a death, a young girl falls in love with the Grim Reaper. She becomes a serial killer just to see him more often.
– PeterCHayward

Creative Writing Prompt 65: Unexpected Help
A depressed guy moves into a haunted house with 7 demons, each corresponding to a deadly sin. But, they’re all trying to help him get back on his feet; Pride helps with self confidence, Lust helps him get laid, etc.
– [Redacted]

Creative Writing Prompt 66: A New Friend
You die and go to Hell only to find out that you’re the only person that has ever entered. Satan is clapping.
– Pepearenas

Romance Writing Prompt 67: For Better or For Worse
You live in a world where your soulmate is unable to hurt you, intentionally or otherwise. You are fighting in a war, when one of the enemy’s knives harmlessly passes through your head.
– MetalShina

Creative Writing Prompt 68: Yeah Right
Mages choose the source of their power. Most pick things like fire, or justice, or love. You picked sarcasm.
– Pesto_Enthusiast

Creative Writing Prompt 69: Friends till the End
After chatting with your online Korean friend, who you often game with and has become your best friend of 10 years, he invites you to visit him in his home country, which he always refers to as “Best Korea”. You always think he’s joking around, but when you get a flight confirmation, you learn that your friend is actually Kim Jong-un.
– clearmoon247

Science Fiction Writing Prompt 70: More
A Man finally lands on mars, he finds human skeletal remains, and quickly realizes that in the past long long ago human’s lived on mars only to explore earth as they depleted the resources on mars.
– imthescubakid

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